Chhattisgarh and went given responsibility for more than 14 departments to set up state-level sweep Core Committee to use the easiness of their franchise. Will be worthwhile initiative by these departments. There sure will be their active participation, including the role of NGOs in this task.
 The Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrata Sahu today its office in the lobby presided over the first meeting of the State Level sweep Core Committee. He said that India are being conducted intensive program in the state to ensure systematic voter education and electoral participation program awareness voted under that sweep program and voter participation in the electoral process as directed by the Election Commission. State sweep has formed a core committee for and supervision of implementation of various programs of voter awareness under the sweep of action. They sweep represented important role in more than 14 departments and nominated NGOs core committee. He plays the role of the department concerned to sweep the core committee that is supposed actively to educate voters of all classes. Mr. Smith said the sweep of action girl, young, divyanga, third gender, Sewamtdata, expatriate voters, marginalized communities and other marginalized groups of voters Target Group Assuming enunciated the need to operate the program awareness within the sweep of these sections a. He said that all have state vote EVM Assembly general election using the Whiwheepet the machine for the first time. Features Whiwheepet machine that the candidate will appear for seven seconds in front of the voters have voted by his name and symbol voters. Following the satisfaction Whiwheepet machine will trust with voters with the democratic process. In view of this, EVMs and polling former voters about Whiwheepet machine must be much propagate more than. In this context it went required related departments to sweep Core Committee to ensure active participation in their work being conducted centered on the sweep areas programs. He university work, Higher Education, School Education Department, Women and Child Development, State Educational Research Center, Mission, Social Welfare, Rural Development, Public Relations Department, Television, Radio, Nehru Yuva Kendra, NSS, NCC State level officials and NGOs asked to work actively in this work. He also suggested by these departments. He said that in addition to the general electorate in Chhattisgarh has a special focus on young voters Diwyangajn and third gender. Hence the need for greater efforts to these sections.
 Additional Chief Electoral Officer at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. S. Bharathidasan and Joint Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Kekarkark He swept the detailed information about the plan and purpose of the sweep members of the core committee. The School Education Department and the State Literacy Mission Authority Director Mr. S. meeting. Light, Director of State Educational Research Center Mr. Sudhir. Agarwal, Director of Women and Child Development Department Mr. Rajesh Rana, Social Welfare Department Director Dr. Sanjay side, Public Relations Director Mr. Chandrakant Uike, National Service of State Planning Liaison Officer and Deputy Secretary. Gyanendra Shukla, Pandit Ravi Shankar Registrant Shukla University Mr. Sandeep Vnsutre, Additional Director of the Department of higher education Dr. P.C. Chowdhury, Program AIR Executive / Program Head Mrs S. Padmaja, was attended by invited representatives of NGOs, including television, Deputy Director Engineering Mr. Balmukund Verma, piyali Foundation Dr. Mita Mukherjee, Able Foundation Mr. Ravindra Yadav, Nehru Yuva Kendra and National Service Scheme.