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The country is passing through an unprecedented phase of dictatorial governance and time has come for all opposition parties to unite against this “anti-people” BJP government, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav said while speaking to Rajesh Kumar Thakur.

Excerpts from the interview:

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has reached Delhi with an agenda to meet opposition leaders, including Sonia Gandhi. Do you see the opposition coming together and be able to challenge the BJP government in 2024?

The country is not run by dictatorial moves. It is run through democratic and constitutional processes. But the Modi government has become one-man government taking the country through an unprecedented phase of dictatorial governance. The time has come for all opposition parties to forget all differences and unite so that the country can be ‘rescued’ from the grip of the dictatorial Modi government. 

Have you taken any initiative forging opposition unity for next LS elections in 2024?

I spoke to Congress president Sonia Gandhi recently and urged her to call a meeting of all the opposition parties immediately. There is a need of making an organised move against the autocratic Modi government. I have no doubt the opposition parties will show the kind of unity that farmers have displayed against the farm laws across the country.

Opposition lacks a common accepted face to challenge PM Modi. How will it challenge him in 2024?

The opposition does not face leadership crisis to take on the Modi government. The BJP’s game plans have been exposed before the people.

What are the biggest issues the country is facing today?

The people are hit hard by inflation and unemployment. These two are the biggest issues which the Modi government has completely failed to address and these will prove its nemesis. Privatisation is being promoted. Take the example of Railways: how this government has ruined it. It has sold Air India and is planning to sell the country’s assets. Democracy and Constitution are being attacked, innocent people are targeted and hatred is being spread.

Will the government’s decision to repeal the farm laws help the BJP form the government in UP and other states like Punjab?

The BJP will not win elections anywhere…People have recognised its real face.

Will the RJD field candidates in UP polls? And will you go there to campaign?

The RJD will not field its candidates in UP. It will support the SP, which is in a stronger position and will form the government. The wind is blowing against the Yogi government… I will go and campaign in favour of SP candidates, if needed.