Bihar Police Bill: Amid Opposition protests, officials ally fears on new law

Express News Service
PATNA:  People caught shouting in and around polling booths during the panchayat election in Bihar can be arrested and sentenced to three-month jail or fined.

Sources in the state election commission said that if the presiding officer finds someone involved in such act, she/he can direct the police to arrest the accused.

The elections are due to be held April-May. Overall, 4,705 polling booths will be set up for the purpose. 

The sources said the state election commission has banned shouting on polling day in and around the polling booths in order to keep law and order maintained during the Panchayat elections.

“The ban on shouting will be imposed for the day of polling because noise may interfere with the work of the employees engaged in the election work,” they said.

The use of the public addressing system will also remain banned on polling day.

Meanwhile, the Nitish Kumar government announced a compensation of Rs 30 lakh in the event of the death, including those succumbing to Covid, and Rs 15 lakhs will be given on injury sustained by the poll personnel.