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SRINAGAR: A day after a policeman was killed in a terrorist attack, Lt Governor Manoj Sinha on Sunday asserted to root out terrorism from the pious land of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sinha visited the home of policeman Nisar Ahmad, who was killed in terrorist attack yesterday, in south Kashmir’s Kulgam diatrict.

While extending condolences to the bereaved family, Sinha said “the whole administration is standing in solidarity with the family and would provide every possible support and assistance to them.”

“My visit after last evening’s cowardly militant attack is a clear message to the militants and their sympathizers that we will root out terrorism from this pious land. The Government is determined to make development a mass movement”, the Lt Governor asserted.

Addressing a public gathering at Kund in Kulgam, Sinha noted that the Government will not bow down to the nefarious designs and motives of terrorists.

He said all those who are directly or indirectly involved in terrorist acts will not be spared.

The Lt Governor said that this holy land belongs to Saints and Sufi mystics and any kind of violence here is a crime.

He appealed everyone to join their hands for the progress and development of the Union Territory.

“While the government is implementing policies and plans that will strengthen the young generation to fulfill their desire for progress, it is society’s collective responsibility to identify those who mislead our enterprising youth for their own vested interests,” he added.

Emphasizing that youth is ready to transform the socio-economic landscape of J&K, the Lt Governor observed that it is only a handful of people who want to disturb the process of peace and progress.

“The youth of J&K wants platforms to grow and become successful in life,” he said.

The Lt Governor urged the younger generation to strive for peace, prosperity, development of the common man in order to transform the Union Territory.

He highlighted that Jammu and Kashmir is the land of sages, saints, and Sufi mystics and the fragrance of their words, ideals and teaching is in its every corner. “Whether it is Nund Rishi, Simnani Sahib, all had spread the fragrance of peace and equality of all religions.” he said.

“All religions, whether Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, have flourished here and all have said one thing that progress is possible only through peace and love. If some people are being misled from the path of peace, then it becomes the responsibility of the elders to bring them back onto the right path”, added the Lt Governor.

The Lt Governor said that there is no place for people in the society who are radicalizing and brainwashing our youth. It is the collective responsibility of parents, teachers, and community elders to counter radical propaganda machinery.