LPG Cylinder Cashback Offer: Everyone is facing financial troubles in the Corona era. In such a situation, small savings are also helpful. Due to this, you can also avail discount in LPG gas cylinder booking. Customers are getting a cashback of Rs 50 for booking LPG gas cylinders through Amazon Pay. In this way, the price of cylinder is being reduced by 50 rupees on booking gas from Amazon Pay.

The cylinders of Indane Gas, Bharat Gas and HP Gas companies can be booked through Amazon Pay. Online shopping is being promoted in times of Corona crisis. Companies are also offering a variety of offers for customers. The online facility of booking cylinders is already being provided to customers by gas companies. Now Amazon Pay has made this attractive offer on cylinder booking of many companies. Other payment platforms are also expected to be offered this way.

Here’s how to book:

To get cashback on LPG cylinder booking, first of all, the customer has to go to the payment option of Amazon app. After this, you choose the option of your gas service provider and enter your registered mobile number or LPG number here. After this, the customer has to pay through Amazon Pay. Once payment is made for active booking, the customer will get the booking ID from the gas distributor company. In this way booking has been done for LPG cylinder.

LPG consumers will get the benefit of this offer till 31 August only. After the payment is confirmed by Amazon, the gas distributor company concerned will deliver the cylinder to your home. In this way you will get a cashback of 50 rupees.