A major hurdle has come to the fore about the ‘GPF’, the General Provident Fund of retired central government employees. It has been seen that the correct situation is not being revealed regarding the GPF account of many retired personnel. If interest has not been added to the amount in the account of an employee, then the correct amount is not shown anywhere.

The main reason for this is that the credit entry in the GPF account of the personnel is not timely. This problem is coming more in front of the workers, who have been moving from one institution to another during their service. The central government has now directed all its offices to report the missing credit of GPF account every financial year. This information will be sent to the officer who will be responsible for deduction of GPF subscription. This information will also be given to the worker whose GPF reduction has been found.
According to the Pension Department of the Government of India, complaints of many retired workers were coming from the last few days. His problem was with his GPF. Workers who go from one institution to another during their service, go on deputation abroad or move to another cadre under the All India Service, have had a problem with GPF.
This is because the salary bills that are made by an establishment and the GPF amount are deducted are different from the earlier department. This deficiency also comes due to lack of adequate coordination between the two departments. Such problems can be got rid of if information is exchanged between the two departments in coordination and on time.

In order to remove such complaints and to maintain transparency in administration, it has been decided that every office must keep a record of the missing credit entry of GPF account and inform the concerned employee and the officer every financial year. Those responsible for deduction of GPF subscription.

Two years before the retirement of the employee and a year after the retirement, the complete details of the GPF account of the concerned employee should be given. This should include all entries of credit, debit and interest related to service. In such cases any employee can apply for hearing in his office.

Such cases will be resolved in 60 days. All ministries and departments have been asked to strictly follow these instructions.