Electric vehicle maker Atumobile Private Limited has brought its powerful electric bike. The biggest feature of this bike is that you do not need a license and registration for its driving. It is a low-speed electric bike approved from the International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT). The name of this electric bike is Atum 1.0.

There is no need to register driving license and RTO to drive the bike. The reason for this is that the top speed of this bike is 25 kilometers per hour. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, if the speed of the vehicle is more than 25km per hour, then license and registration are required. A card referring to this act is given to those vehicles with a top speed of up to 25km / h. The company of Hyderabad has given a portable lithium-ion battery in the Atom 1.0 electric bike, which gets full charge in about 4 hours. The company claims that the bike can be run up to 100 km after full charge. Because the top speed of the bike is 25km / h, you will be able to travel 100km from this bike in 4 hours. One can travel 25km by bike in 1 hour charging. The bike has a lightweight portable battery pack of 6 kg, on which the company is also offering a 2-year battery warranty. It can be charged with a normal three-pin socket in the house.