Netaji Subhash Bose was told a Tojo a dog by the Communist Party : Now what will these parties say to Mahendra Pratap Singh?
Raja Mahendra Pratap was born on December 1, 1886, to Murasan king King Bahadur Ghanshyam Singh. King Ghanshyam Singh Ji had three sons, Datta Prasad Singh, Baldev Singh and Khadg Singh, the eldest of which Dattaprasad Singh was sitting on the throne of Murasan after King Ghanshyam Singh and Baldev Singh became the owner of the palace of Baldevgarh. Khargamsinh, who was the youngest, is our great hero Raja Mahendra Pratap ji. On the arrival of Hathras from Murasan state, his name was from Dhansh Singh to Mahendra Pratap Singh, as if Kharag became united by becoming a real person in his personality. King Saheb (from Mahendra Pratap ji) of Kunwar Baldev Singh was very close affection and Raja Saheb also observed him with great respect. Due to being the youngest in age, King Saheb used to address his elder brother as ‘Big Dada’ and Kunwar Baldev Singh ji as ‘Little Dada’.
Childhood, when King Sahab was only three years old, he was adopted by Hathras king Raja Harinarayan Singh ji, but Raja Saheb stayed at Murasan till 7-8 years of age. The reason for this was that Raja Ghanshyam Singh had a fear that if there was no disadvantage of the child by the greedy eyes of greed on the vast wealth of Raja Harinarayan Singh.
Student Life Raja Sahab for the first few days in Government School in Aligarh and then M.A. of Aligarh. Study in college. This college later developed into Aligarh Muslim University. Raja Saheb was sent on the request of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in Aligarh, because his father, King Ghanshyam Singh, had personal friendship with Syed Sahab. King Bahadur also gave generous donations for the establishment of this institution. A permanent room was constructed from him, on which the name of King Bahadur Ghanshyam Singh is still written. Raja Sahab himself got himself admitted in the Hindu environment, but the MAO Study in college. A pleasant result of this was that due to the close contact of Muslim religion and Muslim captives, and due to being a person of a particular class (class of prince), then all Hindu Muslim students considered to be a pride of meeting and contact with them. . The result was that the Muslim environment of the King Sahab and the goodness of the Muslim religion was easily introduced, and with a sense of religious conservatism, he got up very easily. Later, when King Sahab left the country and went abroad to woo the freedom of foreigners, his heartfelt brotherhood with the Muslim rulers and the people of Muslim countries became everywhere. This feature of the personality of Raja Saheb from our opinion is that he is a part of this educational institution.
Feeling of freedom fighter
When Raja Saheb was a student, where there is an innate feeling for all the religions, by the education as the cup of wisdom opened, the anger and rebellion also spread in his mind towards the British Empire Lipsa. Her heart was filled with anger and irritation by listening to the stories of the heroism of Thakur Dayamam, which was prevalent in the palace of Vrindavan, where her chest grew, by the injustice and insolence of the whites who had grabbed their kingdom. Used to brace for the collision. As his intellect continued to evolve, his protest against the British too went crazy and his mind became intense.
Was the day of 25 December 2015. The world was celebrating Christmas, when Vajpayee’s birthday was celebrated in India, Nawaz Sharif’s anniversary along with Jinnah in Pakistan. PM Modi, who arrived directly from Russia, Kabul, the Afghan capital, inaugurated the Atal block in his new parliament and addressed the Parliament of Afghanistan. Then Modi came straight to Pakistan.
This date has always been recorded in history how India’s PM flew to Pakistan to commemorate the anniversary of Pakistan’s Prime Minister. This was great news for the media not only for the media of the two countries but in this big news, the media of the country missed the news of a big news from the historical point of view and that the person who once won the Lok Sabha elections The BJP’s first Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, was defeated; BJP’s second Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the Parliament of Kabul, fiercely praised the person. Of
Who was that person who forced Modi to praise him in the Parliament of Kabul, it was the compulsion of Modi or the changing view of the great men of BJP, as Sardar Patel has started counting in the BJP’s favorite great men? This person was the king of Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district, Mahendra Pratap Singh.
Usually, the Hathras district is not a very important place on the map of India, the common man knows it as the town of Kaka Hathrasi, or as some excellent products such as asafetida, ghee, color, rabdi. It is for this reason that like the Sardar Patel, along with King Mahendra Pratap, the historians of the Congress government have done injustice, this international revolutionary stance is very close to Gandhi and Bose in many ways, this person is the person who will lead the country’s future in the elections. Dust Chatta, it is a revolutionary who worked 28 years ago, which was done by Netaji Bose in 1943. This is the person who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in the same way as Gandhi and did not announce the Nobel prize in those two years and the prize money will be available in the special fund.