Millionaires have it tough.

No, they do. Imagine being really, really wealthy, but embarrassed at not having quite enough change to keep the chopper tanked up as well as making sure the yacht’s in good nick through the winter? Doesn’t bear thinking about.

A million or two will technically make you a millionaire, sure, but will it make you a proper, bona fide Croesus?

Not according to an analyst from US Trust, who told Town & Country that to keep up a rich person’s lifestyle and truly stop worrying about money forever, you’ll need at least $190 million.

This is a properly rich person’s lifestyle, mind, not the needy wad-flashing of someone who’s fluked their way to a couple of million on the lottery.

Then there’s the wages of your chef, your housekeeper and your chauffeur, which put another $190,000 a year on.

So, you can see how it stacks up. Being sickeningly wealthy must be an absolute admin nightmare.

There’s a chance you might be able to sneak into the super-rich club with a little less, though. According to Richard Kirshenbaum, who wrote ‘Isn’t That Rich?: Life Among the 1%, billionaires’, you should “view $100 million as the starting point for real money”.

“They call it a hundy,” he told Town & Country. “Like, ‘Oh, they made it, they have a hundy.'”

If it’s a straight choice between being phenomenally wealthy and knowing that the word ‘hundy’ is never going to come out of your mouth, we’ll happily take penury.