100 million downloads have been completed on Google One’s Play Store. Google One subscription service offers its customers many services with cloud storage. Google One is the latest app, which has reached 100 million installations on the Play Store. For information, let us know that Google One is coming preinstalled in some Android smartphones. Smartphone brands like Oppo and OnePlus have also chosen Google Message and Phone as default apps.

Google One Company has a paid membership plan, which is used to increase storage and to backup phones. Apart from this, access to Google Experts and Family Sharing is also available. For information, let us tell you that recently, Google has also started VPN facility. In addition, Google has also started a pro session through which members will be able to have one-to-one conversations with a Google expert.

For this, first you have to sign in with a Google account on your Android device. After this, Google One app has to be downloaded from Google Play Store. Now open Google One app and tap on the Upgrade option given below. Now select the storage limit of your choice. Now you have to tell the price of the plan and the date of payment, then you have to go on Continue. Then confirm your Google One subscription plan.

The price of Google One plan is 130 rupees per month, for which 100GB of storage would have been given. Every month, customers have to pay Rs 210 for 200GB and Rs 650 for 2TB Google One Plan. For this, Google also allows to pay annually for these plans.