Facebook’s proprietary instant messaging app WhatsApp has added many new features in the last few days. The company has brought a better dark mode and new sticker pack from the cart. Through the cart feature, it has become even easier for users to shop through WhatsApp or order goods.

Some fees have been added to the instant messaging app WhatsApp, so many features will be added in the coming days. At the same time from the new year, many Android and iPhone mobile phones will stop working on WhatsApp.

The company has started the ‘WhatsApp Pay’ feature for all users last month. Through this, money can also be transacted through WhatsApp. This week, the company said that WhatsApp has partnered with State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank for payment service. That is, users will be able to use the accounts of these banks for payment on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is soon going to bring voice and video calling features on desktops and laptops. For this, the company has also started testing in beta mode. At present, WhatsApp users can avail voice and video calling only through the mobile app. According to the report, a separate window of call will pop up on WhatsApp web, through which users will be able to receive, reject or ignore the call.

From the new year, WhatsApp will stop running in smartphones with operating systems older than Android 4.3 and iOS-9. WhatsApp stops supporting outdated iOS and Android smartphones every year. Customers who are using the old operating system, they need to upgrade their phone. WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide.