There is still a big challenge before the state government for air flight from Bilasa Airport. It is a matter of happiness for the citizens that the DGCA has upgraded the license of three categories by upgrading the two-license. DGCA has added five conditionals with the issuance of licenses. Meaning is clear. The state government will have to fulfill the five conditions laid down by the DGCA before commencement of the flight.

Security measures will have to be strengthened at the airport. Before starting the flight, the airports will have to meet the criteria of the authority and chart out. The guide line has to be followed seriously. Must follow DGCA Charter. To meet these conditions, DGCA has granted one month extension to the airport manager.

In addition to meeting the criteria in the prescribed time frame, the DGCA and the Airport Authority will have to give information in this regard. The state government has not yet transferred the Bilasa Airport to the Airport Authority. Therefore, the entire responsibility of operation will remain with the state government. All other parameters from the security system have to be met by the state government. Apart from security, fire and medical facilities will also have to be maintained in the airport.