The youth of the society have taken the initiative to improve the standard of living of the tribal society, who have been living backward life for centuries, by providing them living and education in the urban environment and according to the social rituals. To bring a new awakening in the society, the youth have formed the Adivasi Gond Samaj Kalyan Samiti, it is being expanded to villages and cities across the state.

Monish Dhruv of Adivasi Gond Social Welfare Committee said that people of the society will be made aware by forming a committee with a new ideology. Surveying from house to house will motivate children to read and move ahead with time. Families that are not able to help them. Will give information about taking advantage of government schemes. Talented students will do all possible help in getting higher education to the students.

Customary planning

According to the customs of the tribal society, from time to time, big events will be organized, so that everyone can be made aware of the civilization and culture of the society. Also, a new initiative will be taken to take care of the elderly who have become helpless, who have no support. Efforts will be made to provide facilities for their stay, food, medicine, water in buildings after discussing with social officials.