The geographical structure of Dantewada is such that it is challenging for the government to fix the irrigation facility here. The habitat here is small and far away and the land which is cultivable by the people is small and far away. Due to which, many difficulties are faced in providing irrigation facility to all. But the schemes of the state government have been implemented by the irrigation department of the district on the ground in such a manner as directed by the collector Mr. Deepak Soni, which is commendable. The Water Resources Department has not only increased the availability of irrigation in the district by making the work of constructing ani cut and renovation of canals in the district, but has also made the life of farmers happy. There are 28 minor irrigation schemes and 08 anicuts constructed under Water Resources Division Dantewada. These include Palanar Annicut, Bangalore Annicut, Molsanar Annicut, Balod Anicut, Parchley Anicut, Barsoor Annicut, Large Kameli Anicut, Alnar Annicut, with a total of about 3,282 farmers benefiting out of 9,32 hectares. Minor Irrigation Schemes include Barsur Pond, Karli, Gumda, Farspal, Geidam Nala Diversion, Fondri Lift Scheme, Farspal Lift, Bijam Lift, Teknar Pond, Balpet Lift Scheme, Bhogam Lift, Balud Pond, Deglaras Pond, Chitalur Pond, Ganjenar Pond, Kumharras Pond, Bhairamband pond, Gamawada diversion, Nareli diversion, Basanpur diversion, Godre diversion, Balud diversion, Dantewada diversion, Renganar diversion, Palanar pond, Kuakonda pond, Taroli diversion, serial number -1 Taroli diversion number -2 total 28 built minor irrigation schemes The irrigation potential of the schemes is 7341 ha. Prior to the plans, irrigation has been done in 902 hectares in 2018-19 and 1595 in the year 2019-20. Under Water Resources Assembly Dantewada, in the year 2019-20, 07 works- Renovation of Diversion Diversion Scheme, Renovation of Taroli Diversion Scheme, Renovation of Ganjenar Pond Scheme, Renovation of Godre Diversion Scheme, Big Karli Enidadh, Toyalanka Annicut, Bhusaras Enicut Administration . The total cost of which is Rs 1310.88 lakhs. In which 04 works are of canal renovation and 03 works are of anicut construction. At present, 11 construction works are in progress under the department, in which 01 works are reservoir, 05 anicut construction works and 05 canal renovation works. On completion of construction works, 725 hectares of irrigated area will be created from 268 hectares of anicuts from the reservoir. Irrigation has increased to 2875 hectares on completion of canal renovation.