new Delhi. After rising terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir, the security forces have intensified their operation against them. Following the collapse of coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir, the governor’s rule has been implemented. It is believed that the campaign against terrorists will be intensified. In such a situation, the army and the security forces are going to make big decisions to eliminate the tension that arises after the killing of local terrorists. After the local terrorist’s death, a large number of people grow up in his body. The kind of sloganeering in them is afraid of wandering the way of other youths. Many terrorist groups are also involved in it. To avoid such a situation, the security agencies have now decided to bury the terrorists after burying them.

According to sources, the security agencies are against giving the body of the terrorists to their families. These agencies believe that new terrorists flourish by crowding and sloganeering in Janja. According to sources, the decision has been taken after an ad-hoc from the Home Ministry to prevent local youth from going on the road to terror. Although the security agencies can now leave the decision on the Center and the state government, the bodies of those terrorists should be given to the family and not the ones.

Earlier, the state DGP SP Vaid also said that the police is defining some strategies to prevent the gathering of people in Janja, so that the status of law and order could be maintained.

It has been seen in the past that after the death of a local terrorist, a mob gathers crowds of men and women in their lives. This rally turns into an anti-India journey. Apart from being handed over to his family after the murder of a local terrorist, the other responsibility is to the state police.

According to sources, the Center has not yet taken any decision in this matter. However, according to the kind of signs that are available, the final decision will be taken according to the state police. Because they have to decide to hand over the body to them. Apart from this, it can also be decided that where the encounter happened, the terrorists should be buried at some nearby place.