There is a rapid decline in the number of active cases of corona in the country, that is, patients being treated. On Monday, it decreased by 28 thousand 132. This is the second biggest decline so far. Earlier on September 21, the maximum number of 28 thousand 653 active cases was reduced.

Talking about total infected, this figure has increased to 79 lakh 44 thousand 128.

35 thousand 932 cases were reported on Monday. This is so after 98 days, when less than 40 thousand case reports were made. Earlier on July 21 & 9 thousand 170 people were found infected. The good thing is that 71 lakh 98 thousand 660 people have been cured so far. On Monday, 482 patients died. The death toll was less than 500 for the second time in 113 days. Earlier on July 5, 421 deaths were recorded. So far 1 lakh 19 thousand 535 patients have died due to corona in the country.