The roads of the city should be repaired before Diwali: Collector Dr Bhure instructed to complete the construction works before the upcoming rain, Collector Dr Bhure took a meeting of municipal officers-employees

Today, Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure along with Municipal Corporation Commissioner Shri Mayank Chaturvedi while reviewing the works of Municipal Corporation gave necessary instructions to the Zone Commissioners. Taking information from the officials regarding the status of cleanliness, area wise continuous cleaning of drains, he directed the officers to complete the work in time-limit. The Zone Commissioner should consider his responsibility to inspect the cleanliness of his area every morning. There should be no dirt in the market, road, public places and also motivate people to clean. Instructions were given to ensure proper implementation of important schemes of the government and to take care of the facilities of common citizens. Special attention should be paid to ensure that there is no unnecessary delay in any case. He said that people should not face any kind of problem for getting building permission. There should be complete transparency in this. Strict action will be taken against those who are negligent in this. Similarly, keeping in mind the upcoming festivals, fix the lights in the streets of the city. Poultry and animal husbandry should be promoted to increase the economic source of self-help groups in the city’s Gauthans. He said that the corporation officers and employees of the office and field staff should be in discipline, behave well with the people. There should not be any complaint in this. The infrastructure works have to be completed compulsorily before the rainy season. Similarly, the work of leveling the potholes of various roads of the city was asked to be completed before Diwali. This work should go on continuously, there should be no potholes in the roads anywhere in the city. During this, he discussed various topics including Godhan Nyay Yojana, Urban Slum Health Scheme, Dhanwantri, Peacock Housing, Mor land, Amrit Mission, major works going on in various wards under the zone, drinking water situation and giving important suggestions. lamps. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading