The Central Information Commission (CIC) directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make public the names of those non-official who went with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on foreign tours. In October last year, Krabi Das had asked the ministry to provide information about the expenses of the Prime Minister’s foreign visits and those traveling with him in 2015-16 and 2016-17.
During this time no satisfactory information was provided to the applicant, after which he approached the Commission. Subhash Agarwal, the worker representing the applicant during the hearing, told Chief Information Commissioner R K Mathur that the Ministry sought Rs 224 for the information which the applicant deposited.

During the hearing, the Ministry said that in addition to the expenses of the Prime Minister’s visit to the date and date of his visit and the expenditure on special planes, no other information is organized collectively. The Ministry also told the Commission that it will also look into the matter related to payment of Rs 224 and will provide the information available.

Mathur said in the order that the list of non-governmental persons (who are not concerned with safety) who travel with the Prime Minister on government expenditure, should be made available to the applicant.