The annual celebration of Kasaudhan Vaishya Gupta Samaj and the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected post officers was celebrated with great pomp in Kabir Mangalam. Along with this, the farewell and New Year of the previous year were welcomed. The chief guest of the program was Mayor Vijay Dewangan and special guests were Kishan Saheb and Narayan Prasad Gupta. Chief guest Vijay Dewangan administered the oath to the newly elected female unit and male class officials. Newly elected custodians are Narayan Prasad Gupta, Sachin Gupta, President Rajendra Gupta, Vice President Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Secretary Surendra Gupta, Co-Secretary Sanket Gupta, Treasurer Sanjay Gupta, Executive Member Mukesh Gupta, Rajesh Gupta, Virender Saheb, Anil Saheb, Sunil Saheb, Vijay Saheb, Rahul Saheb, Dr. Radheshyam Gupta, Prakash Gupta Ashish Gupta, Advisor Pramod Gupta, Yogesh Gupta, State Executive Dhanraj Gupta. Women Officer Patron Kiran Gupta, Bharti Gupta, President Neelu Gupta, Vice President Madhu Saheb, Secretary Janaki Gupta Cultural Secretary Pragati Saheb, Treasurer Roshni Saheb, Advisor Hemlata Gupta, Meena Gupta, State Executive Archana Gupta, Unit Executive Jyoti Saheb, Bhagwati Saheb, Kalyani Gupta, Shweta Gupta, Anita Saheb Bharti Gupta, Alpana Gupta Sangeeta Gupta, Honey Saheb.
The Mayor announced a gift of Rs 5 lakh to the Kasaudhan Vaishya Gupta society for the construction of an additional room for the building at Baniyapara. Various types of cultural programs were also organized in the conference. In which fancy dress, battles, jalebi races, cricket matches, balloon races, jumble races, musical chair races, spoon races, etc., the entire program was successfully conducted by Pradeep Kumar Gupta every year. Madhu Saheb, Shruti Saheb, Suman Gupta in the spoon run. Musical Chair Race played Bhumika Gupta, Priyanshi Saheb, Dhanalakshmi Saheb. Vijay Goswami XI won the cricket match as well as the man of the match was Dr. RS Goswami. All this program took place in an enthusiastic atmosphere.