JDS leader and Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumar Swamy met Congress President Rahul Gandhi and former President Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi on Monday. Kumaraswamy is going to take over the reins of Karnataka despite getting 37 seats with the support of Congress. The photographs that have come out after this meeting are the heads of people in Karnataka who are going to bow their head down. Indeed, in these photographs, HD Kumaraswamy is not like a future Chief Minister, but as a ‘slave’ of the Gandhi family, he is hand in hand with panic. This picture of Kumaraswamy has become viral on social media, and people are making a lot of comment about this picture of the situation under the grave of Congress. Someone called Kumarsaswamy a soothing cat, and then someone named Ramu Kaka of Karnataka’s future CM Gandhi family. We saw UPA rule was run by Sonia Gandhi.

The Archbishop of the Church in Delhi talked of a turbulent political environment by writing a letter that said it is a threat to democracy and secularism.

Archbishop Anil Kooto has asked to run a prayer campaign in his letter and keep a fast day for the country every week. A prayer was also sent with the letter, which should be read in the weekly collective prayer meeting.

A special class of media, politicians and so-called intellectuals constantly persevere towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also spread hatred. Over the years, many mosques and churches of the country have also joined this work. Continuous fatwas are being issued in protest against Modi and at any cost, he is being called upon to defeat them.

Actually there is a conflict in the democratic system based on the issues, but it is a big conspiracy when it comes to religious belief. Fatwas against PM Modi from the churches and mosques are spreading hatred in the country, which can be a big trouble for the nation in the coming days.

Christian missionaries expose the conspiracy

On May 08, 2018, Delhi’s Archbishop Anil Counton wrote to the Modi government a threat to the secular atmosphere of the country and wrote to the priests of all the churches of the country that they should pray on Friday to change the government in the 2019 elections. Significantly, in the year 2019, he did not become the Narendra Modi Government, he appealed to people to pray.


On November 21, 2017, the Chief Pastor of the Gandhinagar Church, Thomas Macquen, wrote that – Nationalist forces are at its peak, so the defeat of Hindu nationalist party and Christian Sonia Gandhi’s party won the Congress.

The Bijapur Lingayat District Education Association of Karnataka also wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi on July 10, 2017, about dividing Hindus and uniting Muslims. The result was that the Congress government of the state recognized the Lingayats differently from Hinduism.


In January 2017, Imam Noor Rahman Barkati of Tipu Sultan Mosque of Kolkata issued a fatwa against Prime Minister Modi. He said that the head and bearded head of the PM will be given Rs 25 lakhs. Similarly, in May 2017, Bihar’s then liquor prohibition and product minister and Congress leader Abdul Jalil Mastan incited his supporters for making objectionable action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a public meeting, he called Prime Minister Modi a mobster and encouraged the supporters to shave the picture of PM. It is alleged that this motivation was also found in the local mosque.

Fatwa of the so-called intellectuals

The manner in which the award returning gang became active in 2015 and raised religious issues, it was also a fatwa for Prime Minister Modi in a way. This gang became active only during the elections, so that the victory of Prime Minister Modi’s victory could be held in Bihar and the rest of the states.

Words such as tolerance were fabricated so that the rest of the issues could be removed from the attention of the people. Obviously it was the conspiracy of a particular class of so-called intellectuals.

The fatwās of India be proclaimed from universities

The manner in which the statement of treason was supported in JNU and it was linked to the freedom of expression, it is not only strange but also fatal. The support given to the slogan of Omar Khalid and Kanhaiya Azadi Gang of India is also a matter of concern. Leaders such as Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal only supported this poisonous fatwa for anti-Modi protests. Obviously these fatwas reached JNU and Jadavpur and Hyderabad University in Kolkata. Similarly, in many universities of the country, the opposition of nationalists is becoming a tradition, which is very dangerous.

Do you lock the journalists’ tongue?

It is okay with the opposition law, but it becomes distraught when the same opposition becomes unlimited. Any society, class, person should have the freedom to speak their own words and get answers, but what is the way? The manner in which fatwas are being issued for Modi’s opposition, the country’s journalists and intellectuals are silent, it is a matter of concern. Question why this silence?