Agriculture Minister Brij Mohan Agrawal held Amleepdr under Atal evolution block of Gariaband district Manpur Yesterday Tendu Patta bonus distribution, release, foundation and content delivery schedules residents Gariaband district in the 29 million to 78 million the gift of 12 development projects of Rs. Mr. Agarwal hands program Tendu Patta collectors began bonus distribution. It is known that the total area of ​​59 thousand 461 Tendu Patta collectors will be distributed bonus of Rs 45 crore 73 lakh. Addressing a public meeting in Amleepdr Agriculture Minister Brij Mohan Agrawal said bad weather caused by Chief Minister Raman Singh’s helicopter could not land in Amleepdr, because of which had to return them.
 Addressing the event, Minister in charge, Mr Brij Mohan Agrawal said that should be developed in every region in the state, it is the main objective of the state government. He said that poor families pucca houses is being driven prime housing scheme to provide, which have been approved 32 thousand 380 houses alone Gariaband district. Local people have ownership of the land from the population strap. More than one lakh 6 thousand in the district families have been provided to the population strap. The poor are being put rice in a per kg. Mothers and sisters being gas Chulha under ujjwala plan. 2459 farmers of solar pumps in farms of the district has been established. Poor families are being distributed smart phones under the communications revolution plan, so they can make their children read out, family members and sometimes even contact friends. Chief phone via smart phone can tell your problems. 74 thousand Gariaband district, 328 families will be smart phones. Zero percent interest rate farmers are being given credit for agriculture. Fortunately be electrified village till October 31 under the plan. The budget of the state of the state establishment where seven thousand million, has now been increased to 90 thousand million. According to the requirement in the state’s villages are canals, sewers, culverts, school buildings, panchayat buildings and made primary health building.
 Parliamentary Secretary Govardhan Singh Majhi said that late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the isolated state of the gift, Chief Minister Dr. Singh’s all-round development of the state leadership. Today the village’s roads and network of canals covered. Bindranwagdh has built 77 bridges in the assembly. Approval of construction of several bridges and culverts of crores of rupees have been obtained. For Haldighati road construction, including culverts have been approved for 32 million to 95 million. At a cost of 13 million bridge in oil river and Amdi build Rs 11 crore in the river and bridge from Amleepdr-Bejeepdr cost of 4 million per route will be. Mr. Rafter has sought to bridge building and bridge construction Slp chamfer Manpurkla route Manpur on bridge construction, dry river Belat chamfer Jakrpara-Devbhog way through the stage.
 MP Addressing the General Assembly, the lingua franca of constituency Mr Chandulal Sahu said in his address that the state government village, poor and farmers. He opened paved roads bridges in the region culverts, school, college buildings and the hospital expanded facilities in rural areas. He pointed out the status of the state to develop the state backward. MLA Mr. Rajim constituency satisfaction Upadhyay are said to realize the dream of former Prime Minister Vajpayee Chief Minister. Women during his tenure independent and has been strengthened. While witnessing a paradigm shift in the field of education. AB Development Chairman trip charge and Raipur Development Authority Mr. Sanjay Srivastava said in his speech today Kshetrwasion has dual gift of growth. Decade was first recognized as a separate state in the formation of the state, but six years ago the district Gariaband. District panchayat president Dr. Shweta Sharma addressed by stating that Devbhog, Amleepdr region received gift over today 29 crore. The state government is constantly trying to raise the living standards of people through various schemes, taking into account the interests of our people. Chairman of Minor Forest Produce Federation District Shri Bhagirathi Majhi, former MLA Mr. Dmrudhar priest, Manpur District Chairman Pustm Kapil, Amleepdr GP Srnpc Mr. intake priest, collector Shyam Dattaram Dhonde, Superintendent of Police Shri MR Ahire, ZP CEO Vineet Nandanwar, several other representatives and a large number were present in Amjnta.