By incorporating latest technology in the field of agriculture, farmer Shri Leelaram Sahu has invented a new variety of brinjal. It has been named as Niranjan Brinjal. Its specialty is that it has the longest length among the different species of brinjal produced in the country. Its length can be up to two feet. Mr. Leelaram, a resident of Kurud in Dhamtari district, has been honored by the Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel with the State Level Farmer Award today for his achievement. It is noteworthy that in the year 2017, Mr. Sahu has been honored at the national level by the then President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee for his ‘Niranjan’ brinjal production. Shri Leelaram has made many innovations in the field of excellent vegetable production, one of which is Niranjan Brinjal. It has less seed content and more pulp, due to which it is very tasty. Vegetable grower farmer Shri Leelaram Sahu told that to prepare it, he traditionally used pure ghee 100 grams, honey 200 grams, soil near the root of banyan tree 500 grams, cow urine 2400 to prepare the seeds of native Singhi Bhata. Essential nutrients are mixed in 1200 grams of cow dung. Treated seeds were processed. After this, the work of increasing the germination of seeds, maintaining health, increasing the length of the fruit and increasing the volume of the anus and increasing the taste was also done. As a result, a new variety of brinjal full of innovative quality was developed. He told that he named this brinjal Niranjan after his father’s name. The seeds of the said innovative brinjal are distributed by him every year free of cost to the progressive farmers of different districts of Chhattisgarh including Dhamtari. Today Niranjan Brinjal is cultivated in the state of Kerala including Manipur, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, besides Chhattisgarh. The patent for the above species of brinjal was also granted in the year-2017 after documentation by the National Innovative Institute, Ahmedabad. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading