Chief Minister. Raman Singh in Waqf workshop and minority conference held in the district headquarters of Rajnandgaon. They form ù Mr. Govinderam Nirmlkar launched the distribution of the amount approved for the residential complex under construction in the Conference Auditorium development plan of urban Wakf properties Ÿ sectors and round the market approved for the construction of residential complex Mutwlli Committee of Jama Masjid Rajnandgaon here 75 lakh be distributed Czech. On this occasion, Chief Minister Dr. Singh assured for construction soon Haj house in Raipur. Urban Wakf property Ÿ sectors of the currently sanctioned three crore 48 lakh for the G Ÿ Aisgdh six manufacturing operations to the state Wakf Board under the development plan.
Chief Minister Dr. Singh was addressing the conference said that celebrating the basis of developments in ANTYODAYA only six Ÿ Aisgdh. Under its emphasis on the welfare of the last man in the society. Their better education and run a number of programs by government health and skill development. Thereby uplifting the people of all sections of society, including the poor and disadvantaged. Chief Minister. He said that the wave of all-around development in six Ÿ Aisgdh. The development is the best feature of the development as well as development and peace. It is manifest from social harmony, Suhrdrata and brotherhood bait in development state. An example is given in other states. He would live in harmony with each other all the society people here. Similar S~avna and development of six Ÿ Aisgdh of harmony is getting stronger.
Conference MP Abhishek Singh told an audience that is going to do everything possible initiatives for the betterment of the people by the government of the G Ÿ Aisgdh. Governance benefits of welfare schemes being extended to the end of society. There are not any class society untouched by the government’s intention that development. MP Singh Waqf property mentioned Development Plan Ÿ sectors and to make better use of its services for the benefit of people of the Muslim community. On this occasion, six Ÿ Aisgdh State Chairman of the Waqf Board mo. Salim Ashrafi also addressed the conference. He said that the hospital land vacant Wakf, school buildings, community buildings, etc. construction works amount of interest without the government being approved as a loan. It is currently approved amount of Rs three crore 48 lakh for six different manufacturing operations to the state Wakf Board under. In addition to the Hanafi mosque Golbajar Rajnandgaon Anjuman Islahul Musliemin Waqf mosque committee Ambikapur sanctioned Rs 75 lakh, Sunnijama mosque Bludabajar 32 million for the three functions lakh and Anjuman Islamian Committee 66 million Dhamtari. He also expressed gratitude to the government for it.
Chairman of the occasion Twenty Point Program Implementation Committee, Mr. Kubchand Parakh, Mayor Mr. Madhusudan Yadav, G Ÿ Aisgdh State Society Chairperson suit Sony Welfare Board, six Ÿ Aisgdh state treasury President Home Corporation Mr. Nilu Sharma, G Ÿ Aisgdh Chairman of Urdu Academy Mr. Akram Qureshi, MLA Dongargarh Mrs. Sarojini vagabonds, president of the cooperative Central Bank district Mr. Sachin Baghel, Escheatment Number President Npda Trust Ramesh Patel, Municipal Chairman Mr. Shiv Verma, former MLA Mr. Gentle Jngel, social service Bahadur Ali, Dr. S.A. Besides Farooqui collector present office bearers of representatives and society, including Mr Bhim Singh.