The facilities of chemotherapy and day-care longevity units are available in 21 district hospitals of the state till February 4. During this time, online examination and treatment of patients is being given by cancer specialists. State Nodal Doctor Sumi Jain of NPCDCS program said that these facilities are being organized in two districts every day from January 22 to February 4.

Under the NPCDCS program, this telemedicine, which runs for one and a half hours under the supervision of trained physicians in district hospitals, is also screening new patients as well as following old patients. Whatever advice Dr. Pendarkar and Dr. Tripathi give through telemedicine will be given to patients locally.

For this, along with the arrangement of medicines, all the resources and resources have been mobilized. In the month of February last year, Dr. Pendarkar and Dr. Tripathi provided treatment and counseling facilities to the patients by organizing camps in the district hospitals. This year, due to Karona crisis, an e-camp is being organized through online.