American company Apple is preparing to bring entry-level AirPods for music lovers soon. According to a Bloomberg report, these will be the cheapest AirPods the company has ever produced. The company is also working on second generation premium AirPods. These will be designed with a compact design. The current airpods are priced between 12 to 14 thousand rupees. Buying AirPods at such a price is quite expensive for users.

Apple is not offering chargers and AirPods with its new iPhone 12 series. In such a situation, considering the need of users, the company is working on cheap AirPods. Also, the company is also working on small smart speakers. Apple can bring its second generation AirPods with compact design. Along with the design, many changes can also be found in its features. They can be designed spherically, so that they fit well in the user’s ear. Samsung, Amazon and Google have also launched similar AirPods in recent times.