Big change in the lives of people in three years, new doors of livelihood opened: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

On the morning of September 13, 2022, a one and a half month old female elephant cub, separated from the elephant team, came to village Samdma on the banks of the Ib river in Beit Samdma of area Tapkara under Jashpur forest division. The information of which was given by the villagers to the forest department. As soon as the information was received, the campus guard Samdma took the cub in his custody and informed it to his senior officers. On being informed by the forest staff to the Deputy Director Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Doctor Tapkara was sent by him to the spot. The health of the cub was examined by the vet. Food was provided on his advice. After that, efforts were started by the forest staff and the Hathi Mitra team to find the elephant herd in the nearest forest. The cub was released near the elephant team after they came to know about the presence of the elephant team at around 3 pm. After being released, the cub joined the elephant team. The elephant group was monitored overnight by the forest staff. On September 14, at 5 in the morning, the said cub got separated again and returned to the rural area. Which was kept safe under the supervision of forest staff and veterinarians. Trekking was done again at 8.30 am in the presence of elephants to find the nearest forest. After seeing the elephant contingent in the forest by the trekking team, the cub was again taken to the nearest forest area, near which the elephant contingent was present, after conducting a health check-up of the cub. When the cub made a sound, a continuous sound started coming from the elephant swarm and the cub went to the elephant team and joined the elephant team. After this, the elephant team was continuously monitored by the forest staff and the Hathi Mitra team. The surprising thing is that the cub was again seen on 15th September at 5.45 am in village Sako. After taking the elephant cub in their custody by the forest staff, a health checkup was done by the veterinarians. During this, he saw swelling in the umbilical cord of the cub. Whose treatment was started immediately. Trekking is being done continuously by the forest staff and Hathi Mitra team to find out the presence of elephants. During the trekking on September 17, it has been learned that the herd of elephants has gone towards the state of Orissa. During this, the health check-up of the cub is being done and its care is being done by the veterinarians. The elephant cub has been kept in safe custody in the premises. In the same premises, both the veterinarians are constantly present and taking care of the cubs. The elephant cub is being taken full care of and constant monitoring is being done by the forest staff. Food is being given to the cub on the advice and suggestion of the veterinarians. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading