Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that the state government will take initiative to promote medical tourism in Chhattisgarh. He said that at the time of the US visit, the migrant Chhattisgarh residents had proposed to promote medical tourism in Chhattisgarh, the state government would seriously consider it. The Chief Minister has also requested all the well-equipped hospitals in the state to take initiative in this direction. The Chief Minister said that while medical tourism will serve humanity, Chhattisgarh will have its name in it and tourism in the state will also be encouraged. The state government will prepare a framework for promoting medical tourism in consultation with senior officials and senior doctors in this regard.
Shri Baghel expressed his views in the program of Shri Balaji Hospital located at Mowa, capital Raipur today. Mr. Baghel received the MRI of the hospital. Machine and 20-bed ICU were also released. The Chief Minister also released the Senior Citizen Card of the scheme launched by Balaji Group of Hospitals for all types of treatment for senior citizens at 50 percent fee. The Chief Minister said that getting treatment in America is very expensive. If someone has not got insurance, then the property gets sold in his treatment but the treatment is not available. For people there, treatment in India and tourism here is cheaper. Chhattisgarh should take advantage of this opportunity.