Team India captain Virat Kohli is often in the headlines about his aggressive attitude. Former England cricketer Michael Beerley raised questions about Kohli’s aggression. Mike Beerley believes that Captain Virat Kohli’s charismatic aspect of Team India can make him a dictator.

Bereli also said that when a captain seems to have more authority, then the team’s players withdraw from talking to him. He said, Kohli has a lot of energy. I love watching them play cricket. He is a very smart captain and his presence on the field is quite good, but his charisma, artistry and rights are extremely high, fearing that he will not become a dictator either.

Bereli said, he has the ability to tell people what to do, but if you start telling a lot of authority then you are not open for other ideas. Being too impressive can also mean that people are afraid to give you feedback and then you are not gathered. You need to be 11 captains in the team, you just have to be in charge.

He said, the captaincy needs a lot of ease. You can not decide what is going on in someone’s mind by asking it to someone else.

He said, “I have not seen much of the captain continuously, I think MS Dhoni is a great ODI captain, but I do not believe he can be a better Test captain.” He has been quite good in ODIs and what he did, done himself and made decisions.