Collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena under the control of the Babel Control Act 1985, 01 to 31 February, in view of the fact that there is no disturbance in the study of students and students during the annual examination held in the school and college education session 2020-21. In the period up to May 2021, barring the opportunities mentioned in section 13 (1) of the Act, the use of noise and sound amplifier devices as defined in the Act is banned till further orders. Violation of the said order will be punishable under Section 15 of the Act. According to Section 2 “D” of the Babel Control Act, City Magistrate or Sub Divisional Magistrate Kondagaon and Sub Divisional Magistrate Keshkal have been appointed as the prescribed authority under their local jurisdiction on the appropriate occasions of Section 7 of the Act.