The role of the teacher works Trasne and Swarne the future of children. Children from the knowledge given by the teacher are Kamayam in your life. When teachers do not give just education, but also to build their personality away evils established in society. No bookish knowledge means education, but also to generate character building, virtuous, cultured and clean Think in terms of discipline. Teachers have put good values ​​in children from their knowledge and experience, so that they learn the art of simplifying education achieve the struggles of life with discipline. However, let’s practical knowledge, values ​​in children born since the first teacher, parents are only children at home. But Guru is the increased choice for parents. Just as you need to make stronger the foundations for strengthening a building, just as children are entering the funeral of a young age, which the teacher can give the sacrament to his bright future, physical, social and spiritual education is. The child in your child life education and received the sacrament, he could face child simplicity of coming problems and difficult situations in their lives with the knowledge that education. Children must also comply keep in perpetual honor and respect their teachers and remember the good manners and knowledge were Sikhaye his life.
 Dr. on September 05 in India. S. birthday Radhakrishnan G. cause appreciable contribution to the academia by their celebrated as Teachers’ Day in the country. Dr.. Radhakrishnan took the education to become president of a new Uॅchaiyon. Entitled Teacher In his view there is, which is more intelligent than people, humble and responsible citizens.
 There was a time when teacher and pupil were like an anchor, to the minds of the disciples were understood by the teacher, the pupil is the problem. Guru are facing difficulties to his disciple and knowledge to get a lot of life trap. As the pupil is required to be a good teacher, so the teacher can also be blessed for your best pupil. Guru does illuminate the knowledge of his pupil and his teacher, society and the country name by which fills the heart proud of Guru.
 The huge importance of education for centuries and masters of the place was tops. The children were referred to the ashram school to get an education, where he was given intermittently education, weapons, Vedas, Puranas and practical knowledge of teachers. By rites Guru children try to make the light from the darkness Muay life. Arjun Guru Dronacharya education in Dwapara Yuga best were Dharnudhari, so Arjuna also was blessed by Guru Dronacharya. Similarly, in his ashram of Guru Vashisht Treta Yuga, Shri Ram Chandra ji had received knowledge. They made Purushottam dignity of his amiable, Jnsewayukt sense and justice and wisdom. He won the arrogant evil Ravana many monsters killing Lanka.
 Children’s mind is like a mud wall. The raw clay educators play an important role in the future by building a beautiful shape them with their own rites. Just as a craftsman makes Traskr beautiful shape stone from their experiences and knowledge, so the teacher creates knowledge by discipline their pupils and funeral.
 Baby home, family, society and surrounding knowledge of the neighborhood from early education earn, are remembered for it for a long time that the wisdom and the knowledge they carry out in their lives. So practical in children, must have the social and physical knowledge. Child in any circumstances in the future with the knowledge gained from education may be able to resolve all problems. Education for every child is very great significance. Education is considered a means of development of human personality and the education level of the person who draws the respect in society.
 Not necessarily the teacher just met at school or college. Guru are anywhere anytime, which described the way of life we ​​easily Ktinaon a good meet Guru privilege occurs, you find life on the show talking to a number of knowledge. Guru Shower Gyanamrit us from sea to their experience and knowledge, is derived knowledge childhood, he comes across knowledge life.
 The aim of this education is not to teach the children but has to maintain their livelihood. Teachers teaching in their own interests. They must build discipline and character to enter the values ​​in children through education, which he lost. Education has become commercialized. Today, concerned teacher and pupil are not like before. Aside from the need to think about the teachers’ mood, then declining in respect to meet the other hand teachers. Society are also referred to the weight of the future creation of children on the shoulders of teachers, to forget their obligations to teachers. Society, has ruled and a huge decline due to lack of coordination in education in social position and status of teachers. Government should take care of their facilities with the need that teachers of honorably rate and to better education system, so that the teacher can only make a cultured and knowledgeable on children learning task. The current environment is going to commercialize education should try to raise the falling standards of education quality instant censoring education. Today teachers are engaged in activities such as is involved in many other functions in addition to education, census, counting and other surveys. So how will play a responsibility away from teachers teaching assignments learning tasks? Teachers should be made only work teaching, which would not cause any problem in the future of children.
 The good disciples value Guru grows and get respect. Many changes in the present time also, which has reduced confidence in each other between teacher and pupil. Now to make Google Guru through the child Internet, which they can find solutions via the Internet for all the problems. Declining a skilled teacher requirements such. Children are deviated from its target under the influence of the Internet Google, which is not beneficial to their future. Children at home from an early age as well as mobile, tablet, TV, FM radio, a given video games and more, so their desire for catches his addiction from his childhood in the minds of children and education is less starts. Therefore, children should be kept away from all these things. Alien civilizations to the present day has taken place in our country, which is to change our diet-kindergarten, morals and routines, which are contained misconception children’s mind. The foreign Ckacand need to stop immediately.
 Today should teach according to the time Bchchane, so he can get the best education a good doctor, engineer, lawyer, judge, pilot, civil servant or to become self-sufficient in its own right. Also this must be practical, social and spiritual knowledge, so that it leads not to the absence of the other spiritual knowledge but be able to provide the right direction for society as a wrong decision family, destruction of the society and country .
 Children can do a lot for the family, advancement of society and country in your life. Is to show the right direction to children in need. Today’s children will develop stores of their knowledge of the country’s development in the long run the future of tomorrow, which come and Prtytn of creating the prosperity of the country. All bow to teachers who offer good values ​​and Gyanamrit disciples in his life brighter their lives.