Teachers are doing innovation in the state: they are getting education done through smart TV

In the present environment, the existence of slate is almost near to end, in such a situation Mrs. Hem Kalyani Sinha, teacher of Bemetara district has tried to motivate and do excellent work to teach children through slate in the school. As a result of which the children of his school are showing their skills in the field of education by making continuous efforts through the slate. This information was given in a webinar organized by the Department of School Education for quality in school admission and education. In the webinar, other teachers also shared their experiences of excellent work done in their respective districts. Pramila Kushwaha, a teacher from Surguja district, has tried to provide education to the children by using pocket board and place card. She tells the children in her school how to use them continuously. Chitramala Rathi, a teacher from Balod district, has prepared all the classes in her school according to the printer inch. So that students can come to school and study on their own through printer inches. This work of Mrs. Rathi has improved the teaching quality. Kailash Mandavi, a teacher from Kawardha district told that he explains addition, multiplication, division, fraction, place value in his school in a simple way to the children who are afraid of mathematics with the help of various models and practical tools. This has increased the interest of the children in these subjects. Mrs. Deepti Dixit of Bilaspur district is making toys and teaching children in sports. Due to his commendable effort, the teaching skills of the children have increased. Smt. Nidhi Jain of Durg district has done excellent work for basic literacy and mathematical skills. Similarly, Smt. Swati Kashyap of Bilaspur district has also tried to improve the quality of education of children by creating basic literacy and mathematical skills corner in the school. Shri Dharamdas Manikpuri’s effort to out of school in Janjgir district has tried to stop the migrating children to a great extent. For the first time in the National Education Policy, Balwadi was formed for the purpose of providing education to the children through kindergarten. In this kindergarten, Smt. Santoshi Dadsena of Jashpur district discussed in detail about the education of children. In Gariaband district, Shri Chitrasen Patel has made excellent efforts by playing an active role in the School Management Committee. He has tried to motivate the children for education through school management. Similarly, for smart mother in Balodabazar district, Mrs. Ranu Bhatt has done excellent work by educating the children around in the courtyard. Mohla block of Rajnandgaon district, using innovative technology, along with Mr. Rajendra Kumar Devangan, teacher Mr. Rajkumar Yadav has tried to educate the children through smart TV in all the schools of the block. He has got smart TV installed in schools with public participation without taking any kind of government grant for smart TV. Shri Ravi Shankar Sarathi has made a great effort to increase the reading speed of children in Raigad district. Mrs. Vandita Sharma has done excellent work of remedial and simple remedial program in Mungeli district and Mr. Bhupendra Kumar Srivas in Dantewada district. For various experiments of science from the kitchen, Shri Vishnu Mohan Mishra in Bastar district has gone to his kitchen and taught the children to experiment by showing various experiments of science. In the webinar, Mr. Swarup Patel of Mahasamund district, who secured a high position in the state in the National Achievement Survey, Mr. Suryakant Bairagi of Dhamtari district, who ranked high in the state for ASER, expressed his views. According to the monthly magazine Charcha Patra published by the School Education Department, Shri Srinivas Etla has done excellent work of its implementation in all the clusters and schools of the district. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading