Ghariaband SP Bhojram Patel will meet the children as a special guest teacher from 11 am on January 16 in the weekly webinar of the Padhy Tuhar Duar program of the School Education Department. SP Patel was posted as an education worker before IPS selection. He has been interested in teaching and learning from the beginning. SP Patel will inspire and encourage children about career building and competitive examinations through webinars, telling the story of the struggle of school children from their early life to becoming academics and IPS.

Principal Secretary School Education Department, Dr. Alok Shukla says that through webinar, innovative experiment to introduce school children to the talented and successful personality of the state has been started through the Padhai Tuhar Duar program. This will increase the morale of school children. They will get inspiration to move forward in life. The journey of the conflict will be told in three parts of 20-20 minutes each for the children. It is worth mentioning that Bhojram Patel, born in a farmer family, used to teach children as an education worker before becoming an IPS officer. He struggled in his life with hard work and dedication. Today IPS officer. This three-part special webinar will be streamed live on Saturday at 11 pm PTDCG YouTube channel.