Tata Motors has come up with a new and trend-setting innovation for delivering fully sanitized cars amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It looks like Tata have taken the term safety bubble quite literally.

Tata Motors shared some of the photos on social media that show cars inside the ‘Safety Bubble’ before they are handed over to the customers. The vehicles are covered in a plastic bubble-like shield which is supposed to protect the cars from bacteria and viruses.

The ‘safety bubble’ is in the form of a plastic canopy that would minimise physical contact during the delivery process. This new set up comes under the initiative started by Tata Motors in August 2020 called ‘Sanitised’.

Earlier in August, the company had also launched other special additions to the buying experience of its cars. In line with the company’s ongoing endeavour to ensure the safety of its customers at all times, these accessories are designed to provide car owners with an additional level of safety.

Tata is also providing separation screens to keep the driver safe from the passenger or vice versa. The screen will help curb transmission of germs and virus such as coronavirus from the passenger seat at the back to the front seats.

Tata motors is also providing a sanitization kit which will contain things like hand sanitizers, N95 masks, hand gloves, safety touch key, a tissue box, mist diffuser and a driving kit which includes a cover for the steering wheel, handbrake, gear knob and even the seats.