Central Hall of Chhattisgarh assembly by all tribal Chief Minister in the interest of tribal society by Mr. Bhupesh Baghel decisions and welfare blooms were honored. 

School Dr. Education Minister on this occasion. Premsay Dr. Singh Tekam, Urban Development Minister. Sivakumar Dhria, Industry Minister Kwasi Lakhma, Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat and MLA Mohan Markam were particularly present. Similarly, MLAs Shri Vikram Mandavi, sandalwood Kashyap, lakheshvar Baghel, Laljit Singh Rathia, Dr.. Lakshmi pole, Jupiter Singh, Chakradhar Singh Sidar, UD Minz, Vinay Kumar were present office bearers of many legislators and all tribal societies, including Bhagat. 

Mr. Baghel said that tackling malnutrition challenge in tribal-dominated area, efforts to improve the system of medical and employment are constant. Powered through the Public Works Department are attempting to give employment to the local youth by the construction works. In these areas, small will encourage small scale industries and processing units based on the forest, leading to civilian employment opportunities and income generation to here. He said that the establishment of processing units based on minor forest in these areas have been urged to relax the provisions of the Forest Act, the Prime Minister, which will facilitate and operate allocated land here for the job market units. 

He said that the amount of the DMF will be used to bring better changes in the lives of people in the area affected by the mine. He said that being gram to malnutrition from the tribal areas, molasses will also. In Dantewada district malnutrition has been started for children and women who work in the egg delivery to remove that policy commission praised. He said that the percentage of irrigation in Bastar and Sarguja is significantly reduced. Nrwa, Gruwa, Gurwa, Bari from the drains through the scheme will work to recharge, thereby increasing the availability of surface water and groundwater. Chairman of Tribal Area Development Authority has decided to build our local legislators, Abdullah said. Similarly Tendu Patta collection rate went to two thousand and four thousand per standard bag increased from Rs. Bastar decision to return acquired land to farmers Lohndigudha area to be proposed steel plant has been. 

Industry Minister Kwasi Lakhma said that the world will be held in the grand main event Raipur Aboriginal Day, the chief chief guest. At the district level will also be organized on World Tribal Day, will include legislators and representatives. 

MLA Mohan Markam said that the state government act to make historical decisions are taken, which to reconsider four million applications, nearly half were invalid formerly state forest rights leases and review in the interests of the tribal lease the included. Similarly Forest Community Forest Rights lease emphasis on function to assign and childbirth take the letter after the father of her caste certificate on the basis of race decided to provide urgent particularly noteworthy areas. 

MLA Shishupal Sori has expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister as well as other decisions as declaring general holiday on the World Tribal Day refers taken in the interest of tribal society by Mr. Baghel by all tribal society in his welcome address. Protection of Mr. Dhananjay the tribal society and urging them to implement the state’s charter issued by the United Nations to join the mainstream of development. Similarly, Mr. Bikpi.ask Netam also made his point. A large number on the occasion of tribal representatives and prominent citizens were present.