Virat Kohli used a negative strategy against Suryakumar Yadav in a high-voltage match between RCB and Mumbai Indians in IPL 2020. Virat would often come close to Suryakumar and start staring at him. But Suryakumar did not lose his cool and he continued to ignore the RCB captain.

As soon as he won the match, Suryakumar looked at Kohli and asked him, “Is everything okay?” The fans of Surya liked it a lot, the reason is that they responded to the negative attack in a positive way.

Suryakumar was not included in any of the formats despite his impressive performance when the team of ODIs, Tests and T20s were selected on the tour of Australia. However, Team India coach Ravi Shastri, while praising this opener of Mumbai Indians, advised to be patient.

On social media, cricket fans blamed Virat Kohli for not being selected by Suryakumar. Akash Chopra also praised Suryakumar before the selection and said that he will definitely be seen in Team India’s jersey in future.