Survey to check basic amenities and cleanliness at tourism sites

Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The ministry of tourism will carry out a survey of tourism sites and destinations across states to check availability of basic amenities and cleanliness and also to review infrastructure at tourist destinations and associated sites. The ministry has chosen 185 sites at 52 destinations, which will be part of the survey. As part of this massive exercise, feedback from stakeholders–visitors, tourist guides, vendors and caretakers of sites will be taken.

The officials said that with the assessment, the Government intends to get a ‘comprehensive picture’ of tourist destinations in terms of availability and quality of basic services, maintenance of hygiene and to identify any associated gaps.

Under the survey, the chosen sites– historical, spiritual, coastal and lakes, wildlife and marketplace–at 52 locations will be holistically evaluated on the basis of four points—accessibility, amenities, hygiene, and safety & security.

To undertake the study, the ministry is set to engage a consultancy firm for which it has already invited bids.

As per the tender document, the selected agency will analyze the information collected from the onsite tourist site and destination assessment and submit a report.

Creation of a survey tool on an IT platform including a mobile based application for data collection is one of the deliverables.

“The final report and data of the assessment will help the Government to work on policies to boost up the tourism sector. The survey is one of the measures being taken by the ministry in that direction,” said an official.   

Earlier, the ministry initiated a process to begin a nationwide survey of domestic and foreign tourists to understand their travelling behaviour, purpose, expenditure pattern and profiling post Covid pandemic.

With the coronavirus pandemic subsiding, the ministry has launched a series of initiatives to promote tourism. Recently, the ministry launched a focused campaign targeting the Indian diaspora (termed as Rashtradoot) under which they are urged to encourage their five non-Indian friends to visit the country every year. The campaign is in accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call—‘ChaloIndia’ (visit India).

The other initiative is virtual roadshows being organised with Indian missions overseas, which aims to explore new ties and opportunities. Through the roadshows named ‘Incredible India Reconnect 2022’, the ministry plans to showcase a range of travel products and opportunities in India to draw international tourists.

 It is also participating in various travel related events abroad under its ‘Incredible India’ brand line and showcasing the country’s rich and diversified tourism potential.