In India, the number of infected with Corona virus (Covid-19 Cases in India) has crossed 91 million. Meanwhile, daily cases of corona have increased in Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat. With this, the death toll has also increased. A hearing was held in the Supreme Court today on the matter of cremation of the body with full respect in the death due to corona. During this time, the court has asked the government of Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra to give a status report on the growing cases of Corona. Now the next hearing in this case will be held on Friday.

Justice Ashok Bhushan said, ‘Things have worsened in the last few days in Delhi. We want to know what the government has made to prevent the corona from spreading, that affidavit should be given in detail… ”To this, the counsel for the Delhi government said that we have followed all the instructions. The court said, but what will you say on the current situation. You should file a clear status report on this issue. The apex court has asked the government of Maharashtra as well as the Gujarat government to file a status report.