By Online Desk

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday asked IIT Bombay to deal with a Dalit student with a humanitarian approach and directed the institute to create a seat, if there is none, to accommodate the student.

Passing the direction under Article 142, the court observed the court has been moved by the plight of a young Dalit student who is presently on the verge of losing a valued seat allocated to him at IIT Bombay.

The Bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and AS Bopanna, according to LiveLaw, also observed, “You are bound to do something, there is no question of exploring options. Right now we are giving you this opportunity, otherwise, we will pass an order under Article 142. You better do something for this young man. Look at his background. This is a different case. Don’t be wooden like this. He cleared the exam last year, he cleared it this year, he just could not pay the fee in time. Deal with him with a humanitarian approach. You can do everything if it fits you. This is only bureaucracy. Speak to your chairperson and find a way out. You cannot leave him in a lurch.”

The Court reportedly passed the order taking note of the fact that the Dalit student could not complete the admission due to technical glitches and that if the boy is not accommodated in the current academic year, he would be ineligible to appear hereafter having completed 2 consecutive attempts.