Superintendent of Police Surajpur Mr. Rajesh Kukreja on Monday visited the Kovid Vaccine Vaccination Center of the District Hospital and administered the first dose of Kovid Vaccine. Giving a message to the citizens, he said that the vaccine against the Kovid-19 infection is completely safe, get it all done after getting your number and avoid corona disease.
Vaccine completely safe, no side effects
The superintendent of police said after applying the Kovid vaccine that this vaccine is completely safe and has no side effects. There is no need to be afraid and nervous about applying the Kovid vaccine. Kovid can go to its work after applying the vaccine. District Immunization Officer Dr. Ajay Mercam gave the Superintendent of Police a certificate for the introduction of the Kovid vaccine. District Immunization Officer Dr. Ajay Mercam informed that Revenue Department, Police Department, Urban Body and Mitanins are being vaccinated continuously, he said that 9409 people have been vaccinated corona in first dose and 251 people have been vaccinated in Second dose. Has been done and all people are healthy and safe.
The Superintendent of Police said that 50 percent of the police officers and employees of the district have got the Kovid vaccine installed and the rest of the police personnel are getting the vaccine according to the turn. During this period, the Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. RS Singh, District Immunization Officer Dr. Ajay Markam, ASI Sanjay Singh and health workers of the hospital were present.