Targeting minorities in Afghanistan for a long time
There were 80 thousand Hindu-Sikhs in Afghanistan in the 70’s, which now dwindled to one thousand.
Kabul Suicidal attacks on Sikhs and Hindus on Sunday in Jalalabad, Afghanistan In this 19 people died and 20 were injured. These people were going to the governor’s house to meet President Ashraf Ghani. Nangarhar Province spokesman Inamulla Miyakhali told that 17 of the 19 killed were from the minority community. Of these, 11 were Sikhs. 6 Hindus and 2 others are being told. Narendra Modi has condemned the attack. He wrote in a tweet, “It is an attack on the diverse culture of Afghanistan, I have my feelings with the families of the dead, and I wish the wounded victims to recover, India is with Afghanistan in this hour of sadness.”

A person named Narender Singh, admitted in the hospital, told the news agency on the phone that his convoy was targeted. Narendra started crying only on the phone. He said that his father Avtar Singh Khalsa was also in the convoy. Do not know what happened to them. Government confirmed the death of Avtar. Khalsa was a Sikh leader for a long time and wanted to contest elections in October. The provincial governor’s spokesman Atatullah Khogyani said that the blast was so sharp that it damaged many buildings and shops around. Just a few hours before the blast, Gani inaugurated a hospital in the city.

Minorities are created Target: No terrorist organization has yet taken responsibility for the attack but the organization affiliated with the Taliban and ISIS has become active in Nangarhar. A minority community is being targeted by Islamic fundamentalists for a long time. The number of people in the Hindu-Sikh community in Afghanistan in the 1970s was more than 80 thousand, which has now reduced to just one thousand. At the time of the Taliban’s rule in the 1990s, minorities were asked to wear a yellow band on the wrist for identification. In the last few years, people of Hindu-Sikh community in Afghanistan have sought refuge in India.

The names of 11 dead were released by the Delhi Gurudwara Sikh Committee: Anoop Singh, Meher Singh, Raval Singh, Avtar Singh, Amrik Singh, Manjeet Singh, Inderjit Singh, Taranjit Singh, Baljit Singh, Satnam Singh, Raju Gajnechi.