Kuldeep Nayar has said in his statement that Sonia Gandhi should advise her son to respect the constitution. In this context, I remembered how Sonia Gandhi had respected Sitaram Kesri.
Former Prime Minister Devgouda’s party is contesting from the Congress and the BJP in the Karnataka elections, despite this Modiji praised Devgodha ji in a meeting held. In response, Devgowda ji said that PM Modi is smart.
Today, he has also said that PM Modi is also a good speaker with former Prime Minister Atal ji.
Rahul Gandhi should learn how to behave with his elder brother, former Prime Minister Devgowda and current PM Modi.
In this context, I am commemorating the two great techologists of the world, Nandan Nilekani, who is the father of Aadhar card and Sam Petroda who is the inaugurator of cashless transition. Pitroda had said that the biggest aspiration of his life is that he sees India as a cashless transaction. But now when the Modi government is moving forward on this, they do not even say a word in that context.
On the contrary Nandan Nilekani is still a fan of the Aadhar card. And giving full support to Modi Government in this campaign.
Therefore Pitroda should also get education from Nandan Nilekani.