JAIPUR: Former Rajasthan BJP MLA Amrita Meghwal was injured when a stone was hurled at her car in the city, police said on Sunday.

The former MLA from Jalore sustained minor injuries on her ear in the attack on Saturday, police said.

Meghwal alleged that some “miscreants chased her car from Biological Park where she along with her family members had gone and pelted a stone at the running car,” SHO of Transport Nagar Police Station, Gayasuddin Khan, said.

He said a window of the car got smashed as a result and the stone hit Meghwal’s ear.

The SHO said Meghwal had a verbal spat with the accused in the park over some issue and from there, they chased the vehicle on motorcycles and one of them hurled a stone.

No arrest has been made yet.