Statewise distribution of vaccines transparent, media allegations baseless: Centre

NEW DELHI: Allocation of COVID-19 vaccines to a state is done based on its population, caseload, utilisation efficiency and wastage factors, the Union Health Ministry on Thursday said, dismissing media reports alleging non-transparent distribution of the jabs.

There have been some media reports alleging non-transparent allocation of COVID-19 vaccines to states, according to the statement. The ministry said the “allegations are completely without any basis, and not fully informed”.

It clarified that the Government of India continues to allocate COVID-19 vaccines to states and UTs in a transparent manner.

#CovidVaccine distribution to states based on parameters below, reiterates @MoHFW_INDIAPopulation of a stateCaseload or disease burdenState’s utilisation efficiency*allocation negatively affected by the vaccine wastage@NewIndianXpress#CovidVaccination
— Sumi Dutta (@SumiSukanya) June 24, 2021

In a statement, the ministry said India’s National COVID Vaccination Programme is built on scientific and epidemiological evidence, WHO guidelines and global best practices.

Anchored in systematic end-to-end planning, it is implemented through effective and efficient participation of states and UTs and the people at large.

Information about the vaccine supply by the Government of India, consumption by the states and UTs, balance and unutilised vaccine doses available with them, along with vaccine supply in the pipeline is regularly shared through press releases made by Press Information Bureau, and also through other forums, the statement said.