India and the world have suffered a corona-like epidemic in the year 2020. This problem is not yet over. Meanwhile, one thing that everyone understood was that it is very important to improve our immunity. In the Corona period, decoction was made and consumed in almost every household and yoga and exercise have started.

Fitness is often sidelined in the current Indian way of living. YMS Youth Foundation of Raipur is organizing a state-level discussion to bring awareness towards fitness. On February 7, at 3 pm, veterans will gather in the conference hall of Hotel Mayura in Raipur and give their opinion on the issue of fitness.

This discussion is being organized on the issue of compulsory implementation of Yoga fitness activities in schools because when children are fit, their immunity will be better. In such a future, we will get the ability to fight against diseases like corona epidemic and this will be a big step in building a healthy India.