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A special workshop was organized under the chairmanship of Collector Mr. Vineet Nandanwar in the auditorium of Deputy Director Agriculture office. In the workshop, important topics related to organic agriculture were explained to make Dantewada district 100 percent organic district. In this special workshop, such farmers of the district who use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in their fields were selected. In the workshop, Collector Mr. Nandanwar explained to the farmers and guided them by discussing in detail about the ill-effects of chemical farming and the diseases and other problems caused by the use of chemical products. He told that the use of chemical product has adverse effects in the fields of other farmers nearby. Shri Nandanwar gave instructions to the officers to solve the problems being faced by the farmers in the field of agriculture. Along with this, the farmers were asked to do agriculture using vermicompost manure being made through Gauthan groups in the district. Consent was also taken from all the present farmers regarding not using chemical farming and adopting organic farming. During the meeting, SDM Mr. Kumar Bishwaranjan, Deputy Director Agriculture, Mr. Suraj Kumar Pansari, Senior Scientist and Chief Mr. Santosh Kumar Dhruv, Agriculture Scientist Mr. Diproshan Banjara, Assistant Director Agriculture Mr. I.S. Paikra, Assistant Director Agriculture Mr. R.S. Nag, Mr. Suresh Kumar Nag (Bhumgadi) should be present from Mr. Nandkishore Bhagat Samayita Math. Continue Reading