Giving information about the status of paddy procurement in the district under the guidance of Mahadev Kavre and the direction of District Marketing Officer Shri Chandrapratap Singh, a total of 22392 farmers were registered in the district for selling paddy on support price in the Kharif marketing year 2020-21. , Which is about 4058 more than the registered cultivator number 18334 last year. Which is 22.13 percent. A total of 45052.8800 hectares of paddy land has been registered in the district for procurement of paddy on support price in Kharif marketing year 20-21, which is about 5789.41 hectare more than the previous year’s registration area of ​​39263.46 hectares. 14.74 percent higher. This year 8378.09 hectare new acreage of about 4704 new farmers has been registered in the district through Girdawari. Out of 22392 farmers registered in the district in the Kharif marketing year 2020-21, so far rice paddy has been procured in about 114944 from about 19602 farmers. In the same period last year, 50349 farmers were harvested from 11229 farmers.
He said that as compared to last year, at present, about 74.56 per cent of 8373 more farmers have been procured from paddy. So far in the marketing year 2020-21, about 87.54 percent of registered farmers in the district have sold their paddy. The process of procuring paddy from the remaining farmers of the district will continue till the last date fixed by the state government for purchasing paddy. So far more than 214.71 crore has been paid in lieu of paddy sold to farmers who sold paddy in the district. In the year 2020-21, the initial estimated target of 85800 tonnes has been purchased in 114944 tonnes. That is, about 33.97 percent more paddy has been purchased against the target. In the present circumstances, according to the plan of the district administration, in the year 2020-21, the district is estimated to have acquired 1,15,000 Mt. In lieu of the said estimate, about 56 Mt. Of rice paddy is yet to be procured. About 3 bales of gunny bags will be required to procure the remaining paddy. In lieu of this, the system of adequate gunny bags is being ensured by the district administration.