Sims has an MRI and CT scan testing machine. Installation work is in the final stages. Xray Saxon has setup and generator with furniture. Wiring and electrical connections are also nearing completion. The machine has also reached the chamber. Management has claimed that the investigation will start in the hospital by the last week of January. Its preparations are going on fast. Only 300 to 500 rupees will have to be spent.
The room is ready to install both machines near the X-ray room. It will take 20 days to install the machines. Sims officials claim that the MRI and CT scan will be screened by Sims by the last week of January. All machines will be installed by the end of this month. The parts of the machines have already arrived and the main machine has been filled for months. The patients coming to the facility for years in the hospital will no longer have to return from the medical college after being disappointed.

Soon they will be investigated. Assistant Superintendent Vivek Sharma said that SECL had given Rs 23 crore to Sims from its CSR item one and a half years ago for CT scan and MRI. The matter was stuck in the middle. Then there was a lot of delay regarding the tender but now the city scan and MRI machines have come. Will install by the end of the month. Management has claimed that by the second week of November, people will start getting the benefit of this facility in Sims.