Simon Callow on board indie heist film 'The Pay Day'

By Express News Service

Actor Simon Callow has joined the cast of the upcoming indie heist film, The Pay Day. The story centres on a down-on-her-luck IT technician (Kyla Frye) who is tapped by an eccentric crime boss (Callow) to steal millions of dollars worth of data in a sophisticated hack. The plan goes awry when she is thwarted by a con artist (Sam Benjamin).

Written by Frye and Benjamin, the film is set to be directed by Sam Bradford. The cast of the film also includes Ellen Thomas, Vincent Jerome, Marcus Onilude, Rae Lim, Farrel Jo Hegarty, Miles Mitchell, Kara-Dee Rai, Jacob Anderton, Frankie Clarence and Dominic Ryan. Praxima, Graceless Productions, and Fryeday Entertainment are producing the project.