Rising inflation in which Shiv Sena has opened its front against the rising prices of petrol and diesel. In almost all the districts, Shiv Sena has stepped up the protest. In this episode, Shiv Sena is holding a 4-day demonstration under the leadership of District President Shashank Deshmukh about the rising price of petrol diesel. These four-day performances are taking place from 23 February to 26 February. District President Shashank Deshmukh said that the central government is adopting an insensitive attitude towards the rising prices of petrol diesel. The general public is upset due to inflation. In view of this public distress, Raipur district unit of Shiv Sena is holding a four-day demonstration. In the same sequence, on the second day, on Wednesday, 24 February, a demonstration was started from Pahari Chowk by placing the cart in the cart at Gudhiyari Pahadi Chowk which ended in Bharat Mata Chowk. The body of the Minister of Petroleum was taken out from Meenu Petrol Pump to Budhwari Market Birgaon and a protest was performed by burning the body. Through the demonstration, Shiv Sena is seeking to reduce the tax on petrol diesel. The program mainly consists of District President Shashank Deshmukh, Sanjay Nag, Suraj Sahu, Sameer Pal, Rahul Sonwani, Prafulla Sahu, Ayush Das, Santosh Markande, Ballu Jangde, Aaqib Khan, Chandrakant Verma, Kailash Sahu, Vicky Nirmalkar, Komal Tiwari, Neha Tiwari, Jyoti Dwivedi, Sona Sahu, Nidhi Singh, Vijay Nag, Vijay Shriwas, Mahavir Yadav, along with hundreds of Shiv Sainiks were present.