Chhattisgarh Shiv Sena has started a two-day farmer and unemployed youth front in the interest of farmers and unemployed youth. A two-day journey will be conducted from Chhattisgarh border Deori to Raipur. The Shiv Sena has taken this front on various demands such as lateality of farmers’ crop amount, problem of gunny, proper water supply in Ravi crop, employment of local unemployed youth. Shiv Sena Kamgar Sena leader Parmanand Verma said that the state government is proving to be a failure in the matter of giving jobs to educated unemployed youth. There are many factories in Chhattisgarh, yet the youth have to go out for employment. Parmanand Verma said that the state government should employ 80 local people. Follow the minimum wage which has been implemented. Exploitation of workers in the factory should stop. The workers should get the benefit of the appropriate minimum pay scale.